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About Jay

I am a Ceramicist and jewellery designer based in central Edinburgh. I studied Fine Art and Philosophy at DJCAD, Dundee, and after was resident student for Danish artist Lotte Glob in the rural landscape of Sutherland, where I was trained in the basics of studio pottery.

My work consists of functional and decorative pottery works thrown on the wheel, and hand cut contemporary jewellery. 

I mix my own glazes from raw materials, and enjoy experimenting with layering glazes, using sculptural glaze, and infusing glass into glaze. This keeps my work dynamic and colourful, often creating designs reminiscent of Scottish landscapes.

My jewellery developed whilst travelling in South America where I was influenced by Incan and Kechuan designs. I often use jewellery shapes as a platform for glaze experimentation, and enjoy adding gold lustre for a stylish and sophisticated finish. 

I regularly experiment with firings; burning pots in barbecues, or digging a pit for firing. I take great pleasure in working with clay, knowing that it is such an ancient art form, with techniques that have hardly changed over the ages. My pottery is made to be used daily, and the jewellery worn, with the intention of providing a joy to everyday life. The pieces fight uniformity and perfection and embrace the craft of ceramics.


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