Hum Pots. Such named due to the fact that there is a low hum when you close off the top of the pot on the wheel, which I discovered with much delight when making the first few!


The pots can also be played, each with their own individual tone. This along with the satisfying shape, make them lovely objects to hold and play.


They can also be used as vases/ pots to hold dry glasses.


They are fired to 1240 degrees so are watertight.


The glaze combination used is named "North Sea" due to the colours and the unpredictability of the results (just like the wild north sea).


I hope you enjoy your pot as much as I enjoy making them.


Please note, due to the nature of ceramics and my style of glazing, each pot is completely individual.


Sizes (aproximate):

Small - height: 8cm, width: 12cm

Medium - height: 11cm, width: 14cm

Large - height: 14cm, width: 16cm

Hum Pot | North Sea